The Fundamentals

Depending on what would beneficial for your success, I usually find these helpful:

Bespoke Design

Tailored design that revolve around the vibe of what you're offering.

Optimised High-Speed Server Hosting

Websites are hosted on a custom server from a reliable cloud virtual serving company called DigitalOcean. My custom server consistently gets faster speeds than most others on the market and all data is backed up regularly. 

Search Engine Optimisation Tools

Search Engine Optimisation means that pages are considered quality by Google and have the best chances and working their way up organic rankings. Included as part of the package is also RankMath Pro, which allows you to see how your site is performing on Google straight from the WordPress dashboard.

Empact Coaching Sessions

Creating the website is only half of the battle - if even. The real heart of my offering is helping uncover the real jewels you can share with the world.

This is something I personally am passionate about having seen people get flashes of inspiration which have often ended up completely changing the direction they originally had set out. It involves uncovering something deeper in the heart.

I like to see people show up to the world in the most authentic way.

Other Stuff

If you don't exactly fit the bill, there's no harm in reaching out. I'm flexible and like to work with different people. As long as you're passionate about what you are sharing, that's all that really matters to me.
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