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You have something to share that can truly transform people's lives. Empactful is a collection of helpful articles geared towards helping you reach the hearts of those people.
Impactful Three Principles Website Brainstorm Guide
Disclaimer: Use the following information in this guide in service of your own inner wisdom. These are just meant to be ideas for you to play with. I'm not an authority on anything. While you read this, keep these questions in the back of your: do you think any of the people you're trying to [&helli...
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3 Reasons Why You Should* Find a Niche as a Coach
I'd like to preface this article by reminding you that you have living intuitive wisdom in you. "Should" does not apply to everyone, hence the asterisk. I personally like to rely on my intuition to lead me through life as a general rule. And sometimes my intuition pulls me away from what would be co...
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3 Steps to Find the Perfect Niche for Your Coaching Business
Finding the perfect niche for your coaching business can seem like a difficult process at first since there's so much to choose from. We all know by now that it's a really good idea to find a niche. Niches help you really impact certain people at a deeper level, and they help those people find [&hel...
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How to Organically Promote Your Life Coaching Business
There's a ton of stuff out there, lists of things to do to promote your life coaching business. That's not really what this is about. We're getting back to the basics here. This entire article can be summed up in two sentences: Touch people's hearts. Write helpful stuff often for the people's hearts...
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Practice Playing Their Heartstrings
Can you create a string of words that convey such a strong feeling of hope and possibility - just exactly right for that person - that you can make yourself cry?...
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Reach Hearts Through Meaningful Symbols
Because we're all living inside of our own thought-created reality, each of us is unique. We each have different things that resonate with us, different things that spark hope and possibility....
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