Finding the perfect niche for your coaching business can seem like a difficult process at first since there's so much to choose from. We all know by now that it's a really good idea to find a niche. Niches help you really impact certain people at a deeper level, and they help those people find you. But how do you do it?

If you're new to my blog, you'll find that I'm all about connecting with people's hearts. The heart is the doorway to heaven on earth. This isn't a money-centric get-rich-quick blog. This is about impacting people and changing their lives. This is what your coaching business is in service of. And only through that heartfelt intention can you actually find the perfect niche.

If this is your goal, keep on reading! If you're only in it for the money, please hit the back button.

1. Find the moment in your life where you wish a helping hand would have reached out to you. That's your niche.

Instead of looking outward for people that you can help, or how you can help them, look inward to find that moment in your life where you felt you really needed help.

This is something I echo throughout my website... I like to say, "if there was a moment when you wish an angel would have whispered something to you, which one would it have been?"

When I'm guiding people through this process, there's often one moment that really stands out. I'm sure if you get quiet now and look for it, it'll be obvious.

That one moment you really needed someone.

Because you can relate to that experience, having been through it, it means you can really connect with people who are going through that right now. You speak their language, you understand their pains and their hopes and how those appear to them.

It may not seem like the most profitable, but I like to remember an old mantra, "help enough people, and money will look after itself." We're in the business of being of service.

If you have a genuine intention to actually reach out and help people, then you can connect with that person in yourself. Not only that, but choosing a niche that really hits home for you will instantly dispel any kind of feelings of being a fraud. I also find many people get really passionate in those situations. Their clients don't feel like strangers so much.

If you genuinely struggled with something, and you genuinely got through it, that means you can help. Period.

2. Connect with their heart - what are they looking for?

Now that you've found that moment, relive that experience in yourself and ask yourself what you were looking for. What's something that really would have sparked hope in you? What were you looking for?

The more you can connect with the heart of the person you are helping, the more you can understand them and their uniqueness. It's that uniqueness that you really want to capture. It's that uniqueness that actually makes them the perfect niche for you.

3. Go deeper.

This is getting to be almost a meditation exercise. This is about really getting so deep into that experience that it's as if you're reliving the experience. You're uncovering a seed within yourself.

Let everything related come to the surface... what were the thoughts you were going through?

The closer you can get to the heart of the person, the more impact you'll have when they stumble across. The more they'll feel like, "this is the person I really could use right now."

If you can touch a heart - even just one - that's the perfect niche.