Because we're all living inside of our own thought-created reality, each of us is unique. We each have different things that resonate with us, different things that spark hope and possibility.

For example, one person might find happiness in really delicious cooking. And so, they'll get excited over the idea of having a delicious meal that night. They may spend their free time learning how to cook well. Another might find joy in painting. Maybe another from the accumulation of money.

When we're looking to change people's lives through deep transformations, it's tempting to talk about the transformation itself. But for most people, the details about the transformation sound too ethereal and sometimes seem completely irrelevant. It doesn't seem real.

And so, it doesn't really connect with people's hearts.

Rather than speaking about the deep insights themselves, we have to talk about the impact it has on their lives using symbols that speak to their heart - symbols that resonate with them.

Example: Sue loves to help people.

Sue recently experienced a deep transformation. She feels so much happier and lighter in her life. She wants to share this with others because she knows how beautiful life can be. Sue doesn't want to limit who she can share it with, so she creates a website that applies to everyone:

Sue's Coaching

I help facilitate insights that lead to a life of more ease and wellbeing

Here's the problem though: because it speaks to everyone, it also speaks to no one. It might get into midfield for everyone, but it doesn't hit home for anyone.

If you were to corner me, as a representation of someone you want to serve, and ask me if I wanted to live with more ease and wellbeing, my answer would be yes.

But it just doesn't turn me on. It doesn't make my heart sing.

There is a simple way to navigate through this predicament.

If I were Sue, I would first start by thinking about one aspect of my life that changed after my transformation. Just one. What really transformed? What was I really struggling with that I no longer am?

Let's say that one thing that I really related to was relationship problems.

I would engulf myself in that experience of the shroud of problematic relationship thoughts. I would bring myself back to the experience where I really wish someone would have reached out to me.

Here's a question to get you thinking: when in your life did you most need an angel to come to you?

At that moment, what were your fears? What were your hopes? What did you, in your own world of thought, identify as the thing that was really hurting you?

From there, connect with the symbols. In that shroud of thoughts, there is a symbolic representation that can capture those hopes.

What's the thing that would have plucked a heartstring?

Beautiful Relationships

Your love is not falling apart, it's coming together in a whole new way.
I'm Sue, And I want to show you how that's true.

Plus, it rhymes!