Project: Heartfelt Presence


Heartfelt Presence is a project Linda Ryan Brach & I thought through as a way to help people struggling with mental health issues. The idea is to have a couple of hundred coaches who are grounded in their own peace of mind who each volunteer an hour or two per week to help guide others to theirs - all for free - and it's worked wonderfully.


We've been re-iterating the presentation of Heartfelt Presence for a while with a team of helping hands. We always keep in mind what it is that makes people feel safe enough to reach out to strangers. We focussed on having a presentation that was warm and welcoming, and also had a sense of trustworthiness (for example, the quotes from psychiatrists).


While Linda did the real work on the admin side, I worked on the website. I hosted, designed, and programmed the scheduling plugin that the coaches use to register for slots, set their status to away, and sub for others who are away. So far it's worked fantastically!

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