Project: Old Oak Barn


Old Oak Barn is a lovely cottage in West Wales. Charlotte needed to revamp her website, and after doing initial tests, I saw that it had a lot of room for improvement.


Old Oak Barn's website was fairly dull to start. Charlotte had written a lot of useful content for the people she was trying to reach, which was good, but it didn't exactly highlight the beauty of staying there.

Ironically enough, the domain name was (I know), which was an attempt to appeal to certain keywords. That didn't work. Despite the fact that her website had a pretty good reputation with Google, it was still on the 3rd page of searching "carmarthenshire self-catering accommodation".

So I began to prod about the kind of people that stay and what they like. One person in particular stuck out for her. We explored what this person really loved about Old Oak Barn and we came up with three things:

  1. Relaxing and unwinding
  2. Exploring the surrounding areas (nature, beaches, food, etc)
  3. Child-friendliness

We then came up with a tagline. Old Oak Barn is: a space to unwind, relax, and explore beautiful places.

There are people in the world that really appreciate this stuff. And as I was creating her website I realised I really wanted to stay there, and so I decided I would go. Who doesn't love exploring nature during the day and relaxing by a fire pit at night?

Anyway, the website was built from the ground-up with this in mind so we could really highlight what's awesome about it. Instead of it just being an online business card.


  • Complete bespoke redesign from the ground up.
  • Optimised delivery speed to less than a second for average internet users.
  • Search engine optimised for major pages
  • Ability to add/edit extra pages and posts
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